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The harsh drought has made Dag Zero a threatened reality and the reduction of water consumption is still in every Capetonian’s mind. The hospitality sector plays a major role in reducing water consumption, with restaurants and hotels in and around the city implementing water conservation measures. The award-winning The Test Kitchen took it a step further by launching a “Drought Kitchen” in the restaurant that kicked off in April 2018 and operated for only two months to the end of May 2018.

The “Drought Kitchen” challenged Chef Luke Dale Roberts and his team to find ways to use less water in the kitchen. The challenge provided creative and delicious solutions! “I had to rethink our approach to how and what we do in the kitchen and in the restaurant,” Luke says. “From preparation to serving and cleaning services, everything is affected when using less water. This has brought quite a new insight,” he adds.

For starters, some of the water-saving measures include:

• Store gray water from air conditioning units
• Use ice bucket water to mop the floors
• Disconnection of water pipes in the dishwashers
• Application of sprinklers to taps
• Switch to disposable napkins
• Eliminate tablecloths

The six-course menu was adapted from the standard menu at The Test Kitchen, and was nothing short of magnificent. We designed an “empty photo frame”, which had a piece of interchangeable card, which effectively served as the “plate” on which each dish was served. It was beautiful!

“By removing 90% of the porcelain, we effectively removed 90% of our water consumption from the dishwasher. The laundry is retained for basic linen essentials and we are hopeful it will make a difference,” Luke adds

As for the menu, sauces are kept to a minimum so that the dining experience stays neat and the fragrant flavors are not affected. Otherwise, dishes are served with the precision and perfect style that The Test Kitchen is known for.

The full menu and booking details are available at

Chef Luke

Author: Chef Luke Dale Roberts

Source: The Test Kitchen

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