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Os & Leigh’s Wedding


What I will remember about their day – always!: Os & Leigh’s wedding really embodied the word “wedding party”, I’ve shot more than my fair share of weddings and this one is by far the nicest party I’ve ever attended as a photographer … I totally overboard with their post, despite the fact that I promised myself so much to blog less photos. So this one is a whopper!

I took their engagement photos earlier last year, and during the session, Leigh told me how Os asked her to marry him. Here’s the wish recipe to steal your bride’s heart: DHL yourself at her job … LOL. Who can ever say no then?

Their wedding is really one that is very close to my heart … the two people and their whole families came to crawl deep in my heart. West Coast people are soul people … without frills, say a thing like he is without pretensions and pretense! I just want to mention that this wedding was a true DIY wedding in the real word, from the groom who baked the cake, to mother-in-law and sister who helped make the decor. Even the transport was special: the “wedding car” was a fishing boat that Leigh brought over the Lagoon, a VW combi for the bridesmaids and a Volla that gave Os to Leigh on her 21st birthday.

Leigh’s beautiful dress was made by Gelieft (one of the designers who made me look forward to seeing the bride’s dress) and the Flower wreaths & hand wrap was made by Tanya from Studio Bloem. Invitations and Programs: Polkadot Promotions. I love the pastel colors and leather accents…


Author: Jani B Photography

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