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New Year’s resolution


The concept of New Year’s resolution is probably as old as humanity itself. I think it is an innate need for every person to improve himself / herself, but keeping true to all the new intentions is not always easy.

The beginning of each new year is the most enjoyable time for me to listen to people (and the things that motivate and inspire them), because then we are all set on fire and flame for a positive and healthy lifestyle.


Here are some new year’s resolutions that will never go out of fashion:

  • Lose weight and reach my ideal weight before winter
  • Do NOT lift weight in winter!
  • Check with the doctor for a full a-z and make sure everything is in order
  • Join the gym and start jogging
  • Watch less TV and computer games and walk more
  • Stop bad habits like alcohol, smoking and take away meals
  • Set a budget, spend less and start saving early for December’s holidays
  • Grow my career – be more confident at work and let my opinion count
  • Improve my relationships with colleagues, make new friends and make more time for loved ones
  • Improve my general knowledge and read a new book every month
  • ‘My time’ is important: bathe longer and light a candle (and read that book)
  • Engage in community projects, give more to charity and be friendly with the caretaker
  • Make my contribution to a greener planet and live eco-friendly
  • Start sorting the kitchen waste into the recycling bins we bought this time last year
  • Read the Bible more often – Pray more – Trust more – and complete my dreams
  • Very important: Paste this list on the fridge and KEEP IT UP!


Does this list sound familiar?


Author: GASVRY

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