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Karabo & Deborah



“Yes, Ma’borah?”

“Come here” Deborah muttered, struggling with her stick and broken foot to the big stone.

To understand Deborah, you actually have to be Deborah – from birth.

Everything is her mom and dad’s fault. Why was it necessary for Mom to die when she was born? And then followed Dad’s eternal longing for the boy he could never have. She promised herself that she would exclude everyone just as Dad did with her. And then Dad died too – at about the same time as old Mary’s youngest daughter left her baby here and returned to the city after the weekend. It wasn’t her choice to take him. She was difficult and did not want to open her heart and home to him, but it is strange how one does not actually have control over the goodness that God puts in you if it is His will that you should be receptive and hospitable to strangers. The baby first had to grow up in the kitchen with old Mary, but since he was three years old she could not walk anywhere or the child was on her track. And now he’s already ten.

“Tell me, have you ever seen what I do in all this time you walk on my track?” She asked supposedly angry. She does not want to be dependent, but needs his hands today.

“Yes, Ma’borah.”

“Now run off and go milk Blom.” She still wanted to say … but he had already turned around and all she could see was his soles of his feet. She watches him as he deftly catches Blom – tying her behind her legs – propping himself down on the small chair – and Blom’s teats begin to work like a waffle Deborah.

The milk swirled wildly in the bucket as he approached and stood in front of her.

“Well, then, are you still a smart little Krappie, right?”

“Yes, Ma,” Karabo said, watching his big toe drill a hole in the ground. Sometimes he has a way of truncating her name and softening her soul.

For the first time in years, the plains of Welgevonden heard Deborah’s laughter. It giggled up from her stomach and cackled from her throat. It melts her heart and the emotion bursts into tears, over everything – and everything else. She felt embarrassed when his little dirty hand rubbed her hair and he said softly: “It’s okay Ma’borah, I’ll walk with you – every day. It’s okay. ”

She wipes dirty streaks across her face as she wipes her tears. Then she makes a decision and puts her hands in her lap and lifts her chin. “Well, today I just leave this stick here, because my Krappie is here, after all!” She says, realizing that Karabo has the whitest teeth she has ever seen in one person.

And then he hooked his arm around her body, because to understand Deborah you actually have to put your steps down next to her’s – every day from birth.


Author: GASVRY

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