Tik om te soek

“I am …”


“If we were created in Your image and likeness Father, does that mean that we are also a 3 unit?” I ask God one Saturday morning.

“I am …”

…. Yes? and I wait … What are you, Father?

It’s strange how you never get a clear answer. Rather a clue – as if God wants us to to think – He will fill in, but will not do all the talking – as if He wants to say: It’s a relationship – we need to communicate back and forth.

“I am …”

Then I stopped and thought: I am a 3 unit – like God. I consist of soul, body and spirit

“Exactly!” God says excitedly, “answer the phrase ‘I am’ and you have described the essence of your soul. Your character, talents and being in its entirety is your soul. I created your soul perfectly to honor Me and I do not want that you should change it. Find your true self. Answer the phrase, “I am.”

Thank you for my body Father, I say, thinking of how healthy I am. I can work and be a woman, be a mother, and experience everything my senses experience.

And my spirit, what is it then?

“It’s your choice – I stand at the door and knock, but you can open whoever you want – and that is the spirit within you. But My Spirit is holy! My Spirit lets go of all evil! My Spirit fulfills and gives you peace – a peace that transcends all understanding. But it’s your choice”

What is Your soul, I ask. “I’m … everything”

… all that live? I ask


… science, art, grass, everything?


What is Your body?

“And you still ask?” he sighs softly “I became human – I am Jesus – I love you! So infinitely loved – just as you are, I knock and want to celebrate with your meal – forever and ever. You are mine – I bought you dearly . ”

And I sit down on the side of the bed. Wow! Soul, body and spirit (in his image and likeness) and we are 7 billion people on earth. How diverse our God is! And some of us still want to put him in a box?

I wanted to sing “My soul glorifies the Lord,” as I later turn into the parking lot of the shopping mall, and I suddenly realize that I look at the car guard completely differently.


Author: GASVRY

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