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Hospitable versus Welcome


Is there really a difference between entertaining and being hospitable?

Some will say: So many people, so many opinions, but if you look closely at the two, there are clear differences. Not that one is right and the other wrong, it just depends on your personality and philosophy of which style suits you better.


It’s that time of year again. Cheerful closing functions at work after a year of sweat and sweat – A summer garden wedding with friends and family – A street braai with all the neighbors and members of the neighborhood watch, and so on. One thing is for sure, this time of year will not pass one weekend without a proper visit!

“To visit and socialize is simply one of our

South Africans’ top talents! “

The person who loves entertaining is usually very eugenic and goes to great lengths with detail. From the layout of the menu to the finest details of the table cover and entertainment for the guests. Organizing a welcoming function is a gift and comes naturally for some people. And then you get guys like me. When the guests arrive, I get to talk and socialize so much that I forget to cover the table! It happened before that the meat and roast were fried, and then I never got around to making salad. Someone tried to comfort me the other day and said it didn’t mean that I was a poor hostess, “entertaining and organizing is just not your thing” So I take off my hat for those who can do it neatly.

I like to invite people over for an informal cup of tea and then eat our cake I bought from the home industry. Then we can spend hours chatting about everything. I love people’s stories and I end up time after time in their lives. Then we help where we can. Last month, I was on the receiving end when our water pipe burst and offered my girlfriend that we come and bathe with them – two days in a row! (Thanks for your hospitality, girlfriend)

I love socializing. I love functions, weddings, parties and of course my favorite – BRAAI. But I especially love the people who attend. And for the special people who know exactly how to entertain so I can just sit back and be a good guest, I love you guys!


Author: GASVRY

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