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Today was an emotional day, but also a beautiful day. A day of crying and laughter – pain and joy. Meet again from old acquaintances – and a final greeting …

We all knew that this day is inevitable. And now that we’re back home, me, mom, brother and my hubby are sitting outside on the porch, drinking a glass of La Motte Merlot in celebration of her life. What an incredible woman!


We talk about everything – you still remember the story and nostalgia of childhood. Mom takes us back to her world of pounds and shillings and suffering. Really suffering. Not even money for food – and they were 7 kids who had to eat. “But Grandma was a different kind of plan maker,” says Mom as she smiles and slowly rolls the red wine into her glass.


“Grandma made aprons and I had to go to school in the afternoons,” she says, pressing her index finger against her chest. “Grandma gave me 4 aprons the day to sell – two each with a bib at 5 shillings and 6 pence and two half-body aprons at 4 shillings. I could only get three sales and went home with one of the expensive aprons and the money for the other three. I was pretty happy with the day’s sales and decided to give grandma a line ”

Grandma was so hopeful and then anxiously asked, “And could you sell something?”

I put on my discouraged face: “Nothing”

I immediately regretted seeing her face!

“Ah, what are we going to eat tonight ?!” Grandma sighed.

“It’s just a joke, Mom – I sold three. Here’s the money and the other apron ”

I couldn’t say it to Grandma fast enough. I was so sorry.

Not long after, a vegetable vendor knocked on the door. “What do you have for us?” Grandma asks. “Only potatoes, but you can get everything for 5 shillings and 6 pence,” he says.

“Do you know what,” says Grandma “I am also a hawker and want to make a suggestion. I want your potatoes and your wife needs an apron. ”Grandma decides for him.

That night, Mom says, they ate the tastiest fresh potatoes she had ever eaten!

Grandma is 93 now and she does not realize that we buried her oldest child today.


Author: GASVRY

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