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Friendly reception


Providing excellent customer service is the most important task of the Reception Desk Clerk, but the definition of the term differs depending on the type of business where the desk is located. Customer service in a hotel is different from that in a salon or fitness center, but the approach to providing excellent customer service remains the same, regardless of industry.


As front desk clerks are the first people most clients see, they must represent their companies with professionalism and kindness. A neat appearance and a spontaneous willingness to be helpful contribute greatly to the positive experience of a client. Greet customers with a smile and ask immediately how you can help.


Regardless of the business, most clerks usually direct customers to another point of service – a hairdresser, restaurant table or someone else in the company – and there is often a point where the customer has to wait for direct service. Be honest about the waiting period, and do not make promises that cannot be fulfilled. If you do not know the answer to a question, be honestly and inform the customer that you will gather information regarding their inquirey and that will provide it to them without delay.


At the front desk there are many things that can happen at the same time and need your attention, such as the phone ringing, colleagues who need information, photocopies to be made, etc., but when a customer is in front of you, you have to give him / her give undivided attention. Focusing solely on a customer’s needs gives the impression that customer service is a top company priority.


Smile with sincerity for each customer, but also pay attention to your body language, which can send out negative signals. Stand upright with no stance, make friendly eye contact and don’t sigh or roll your eyes at any point. Whether you’re sitting or standing, lean forward slightly to indicate that the customer has your full attention.


Confirm your smile with a spontaneous, friendly personality. Being positive and cheerful can often calm even the most irritated customer’s mood. Be calm at all times, especially with customers who are angry or frustrated and show sympathy when justified.


A neat and organized work area always makes a good impression. Create a welcoming atmosphere in your waiting or reception area with flowers, magazines or even a coffee machine. A reception area is a great place to introduce customers to the business. So keep the company’s brochures, business cards or other materials at hand.


Master all the equipment used in the job, from telephone systems to booking software. These are tools that help you focus on providing effective customer service. Learn the basics of your business so you can answer customer questions quickly and correctly.


Answer the phone friendly and professional. If your company provides a prescribed answering method, follow it. If you need to help a customer and answer the phone, politely excuse yourself, complete as soon as possible and apologize for the interruption.


Learn the names of regular customers and address all your clients by their title like sir or madam, unless the client requests you to do otherwise. These are often the little things that you do extra for a client, that impresses him / her, and will ensure that your company’s service is recommended.


Since you’re probably also the last person customers can see when they leave your company, thank them politely and sincerely for their visit to make a positive lasting impression. Ask if there is anything else they need, say goodbye and wish them a pleasant day.


Author: GASVRY

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