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Eco-friendly Business


Businesses across South Africa (and around the world) are increasingly inclined to run their businesses more eco-friendly. Choosing to be more eco-friendly not only contributes to the climate, but also has a positive impact on the following aspects:

  • The productivity of your employees,
  • the efficiency of your operations,
  • the cost of running your business,
  • and, most importantly, the image of your brand



Running a more eco-friendly business simply means producing, using and trading products with the best value for everyone that will reduce the impact on the environment and contribute to the conservation of our natural resources.

Here are some simple suggestions for running your business as a more eco-friendly business:

  • Monitor your business’s electrical, gas and water consumption.
  • Implement a maintenance program to check the condition of water pipes in the building so repairs to taps that drip and leaks can be done.
  • Install energy efficient light bulbs.
  • Use natural sunlight in buildings and switch off unnecessary lights during the day.
  • Create an internet facility with wi-fi for guests to read newspapers and other documents online instead of putting newspapers and magazines as reading material in rooms. Launch a newspaper recycling program.
  • Recycle paper and reuse paper in the office.
  • Do staff training on implementing your business green practices.
  • Make guests aware of your business’ green approach and provide information on your website, your Mini Sheet and other marketing materials.
  • Reduce water consumption by installing eco green shower heads and toilets.
  • Make from non-toxic detergents
  • Switch to eco green products and provide 100% organic cotton linen, towels and mattresses.
  • Make your business a non-smoking
  • Use renewable energy sources such as solar or wind energy for water heating and lights when available.
  • Buy and use rechargeable batteries
  • Buy bulk organic soaps and amenities instead of individual packages to reduce waste.
  • Use trash cans to sort waste and facilitate recycling.
  • Serve organic and local food.
  • Establish a vegetable garden and grow your own vegetables if possible.
  • Create a compost heap of garden garbage and organic kitchen waste. If it is not possible to do this on your premises, your business may be involved in such a community project or other business for this purpose.
  • Use eco-friendly products to serve take-away meals (avoid plastic)
  • Implement gray water recycling, for the reuse of kitchen, bath and wash water for the garden.
  • Use recyclable material for garden and interior decor. The possibilities are endless!
  • Motivate your staff to propose and implement creative ideas and methods that will contribute to the conservation of our natural resources.

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