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Compliments & Complaints


If you want to return a dish to a restaurant, this is usually done only if:

  • it’s not the one you ordered
  • it is not cooked according to the cooking method requested
  • the food has a spoiled taste,
  • or you discover a hair or insect in your food

Keeping clients happy is a huge and responsible job. Restaurant owners will also tell you that customers are more likely to raise their complaints than compliments, but that doesn’t mean that you should be afraid to let them know when the service is too slow, the waiter is rude, or the food unpalatable and poorly prepared. The survival of any restaurant depends on its customers and it is important that poor service is brought to the attention of management.

When you explain the situation to the waiter, it is advisable to talk calmly and quietly without other people being able to hear at the other tables what the complaints are about. Discuss the matter first with the waiter and if he / she does not bother to rectify the situation, then file the request or complaint with the manager.


If a waiter is negligent, lazy or rude it can be reported, but distinguishes it from a waiter’s inability to serve too many people. Often, a waiter works as hard and fast as possible, but still can’t keep up with all the customer’s requests. If so, you can still report it to management, but be careful not to put the blame on the waiter, who is no doubt happier about the situation, than you are.

If management does not handle your complaints and request as desired, you are free to avoid that remainder in the future.


On the other hand, positive comments and a good tip are more than welcome when you are satisfied with the service. Constructive comments and compliments mean a lot to a person who does his / her best to provide quality service. Management also appreciates hearing from satisfied customers and compliments in their guest book are always welcome!

Don’t hesitate to tell friends and family about your favorite restaurant and their excellent service and quality dishes


Author: GASVRY

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