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If you love entertaining and are specifically interested in catering, there are a wide variety of options in which you can live your passion. Catering is certainly not limited to Hotels and Restaurants.

The following catering businesses are considered part of the hospitality industry:

Sports and Recreation Catering Services (Sports Stadiums, Universities & Schools)

  • Cocktail lunches and serving more formal meals in special guest accommodations.
  • Snacks and cool beverages to spectators – pavilion sales
  • Breakfast & lunches for officials and organizers of sporting events

Private Clubs

Private clubs usually have well-equipped facilities for serving meals and functions and can range from light snacks to more formal functions such as prize giving and year-end functions. (Eg Golf / Pigeon / Shooting / Bowling Clubs, etc.)


In addition to entertainment, casinos usually also offer meals and snacks (and in most cases overnight amenities) for their guests as part of the total entertainment package.


For those who have already experienced one of the many shipping tours, agree that the food stands out as one of the highlights of the tour. The dishes range from light meals such as pizzas and burgers and chips to formal dinners that are attended by appointment in more formal attire. The dishes range from light meals such as pizzas and burgers and chips to formal dinners that are attended by appointment in more formal attire.

Convenience Services

It is the great joy of many working women and moms that there are so many convenience services available today that make life in the kitchen and after work a little more comfortable.

  • Prepared meals in supermarkets
  • Entrepreneurs: Prepared dinners per order
  • Entrepreneurs: Food parcels for school children

Corporate Meetings

Large corporate organizations appoint staff to organize and organize meetings, workshops and strategic planning sessions. These sessions are planned in collaboration with professional caterers and meals and dishes are carefully planned according to the budget and the guests’ preferences and dislikes. Choosing the right venue and souvenirs and gifts for the guests is also important aspect and leaves a lasting impression.


Exhibitions are held where suppliers in the industry showcase and market their products. These exhibitions are long-lasting and are essential to offer snacks and drinks for the exhibitors and visitors.

Special Events Management

When planning special occasions, catering is one of the most important aspects to be dealt with. Special occasions can range from small and informal to extensive formal functions that professional organizers and caterers require:

  • Birthday Parties
  • Engagement
  • Weddings
  • Baptism


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