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Capital Singers


Our whole family singing and singing is something I grew up with. I still remember lying on the front church bench listening to the voices practicing. My father was the church’s choirmaster at that time. I lifted my head slightly off the wooden bench so that my ear only touched the bench when the entire choir sang the song in voices. I can still remember how the sound vibrated against my ear when everything was in perfect harmony. I was only five years old at the time. I was 12 when I could sing with the adult choir and love it! I can still listen to good choral music for hours today.

Our life is so rushed and busy today, but singing in a good choir is something I still long for. My daughter-in-law is the first one in our family to participate in Capital Singers with her friend. Capital Singers is South Africa’s flagship community project that provides opportunities for members of the public who love singing but do not necessarily have time to belong to a permanent choir. The singers then become part of something bigger and get the opportunity to escape the reality of everyday life by singing along with the country’s best in a compact 4 day production.

My sister and I entered with my daughter-in-law for the May 1-5 2019 production: Rewind 70’s & 80’s – what an incredible experience! Every single aspect of the production is meticulously planned. Michael Barrett and Christo Burger are extremely professional and their sense of humour makes hard work great fun! The biggest thrill is the performances themselves – to sing in a 1000-member choir with famous singers in the Sun Arena Time Square now leaves my toes still curling with delight!


If you love choral singing, the next production from September 5 – 8, 2019 is a big must on your 2019 calendar. Entries close July 5, 2019. Don’t miss it – Do it for yourself! The entries close 5 July 2019. Don’t miss it – do it for yourself!


Author: GASVRY

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